Dungarees Online expanding their Collection of Hats, Beanies, Caps and Watch Caps!

Dungarees Online don’t just sell denim dungarees… no… they have also for some time been stocking Carhartt and Dickies Caps, Beanies and Hats.  So well have they been selling for a number of years now, that Dungarees Online have expanded and are continuing to expand their collection of hats.

The styles already available are Carhartt Acrylic Watch Caps, Dickies Crookston Hats, Dickies Caps, Carhartt Caps and Dickies Beanies.

Now that we are in Winter… hats are an essential item to keep warm!  Our hats and caps are available in a range of colours, including very bright colours.

Carhartt and Dickies are both American workwear brands, known for their quality, construction and attention to detail.  They are premium brands and they offer premium products, which can be seen in the Carhartt and Dickies dungarees at Dungarees Online.

To view our collection of hats, caps and beanies, visit Dungarees Online website

Dungarees Online offer excellent customer service, you can order online or by phone on 0161 973 2083.  We offer a full refund and exchange policy.

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