Dungarees are like Marmite – either love them or loathe them?!

One of our fans recently kindly sent us a link to a couple of photos of celebrities wearing the dungarees that we stock. 

Davina Mc Call has been a good customer of ours for her dungarees and has talked about us recently on twitter.  And having recenly seen a photo of her in her Carhartts, we think she looks great!

Dungarees in different styles and colours have also been splashed across the fasion magazines for Spring / Summer 2010 fashion.

We’ve also seen a photo (courtesy of the Sun Newspaper) of Ashton Kutcher wearing Key Premium Dungarees, who also looks hot.  However, the press seem to think that he is committing some kind of fashion crime!!!????!!!!

What do you think??

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3 Responses to Dungarees are like Marmite – either love them or loathe them?!

  1. Tab says:

    Dungarees are great, but unfairly maligned in many ways.
    They are very sexy in a way!

  2. L.A. says:

    I would love use dungarees again. I’m aa man and when I was younger I wore them the whole time.. I miss that, but nobody uses anymore.. What the hell! I will buy a pair I don’t care what they think about it! hahaha

  3. David R says:

    I love my dungarees and still wear them a lot. Much underestimated.

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