It’s Dungaree Shorts Season!

I have a major crush on dungaree shorts at the moment and it would seem that I am not alone! Out and about in the centre of Manchester recently I saw gazillions of girls wearing the cutest of cute dungaree playsuits and shorts – not only in blue denim but in other colours too.

Denim dungaree shorts are the classic choice and many a celebrity has been seen out and about sporting a pair including Alexa Chung who is a well-known denim admirer. If you want to rock the trend and are searching for the perfect pair, at Dungarees-Online we have a choice of Palewash, Stonewash and Indigo short dungarees for a measly thirty five quid!!

denim short dungarees

Denim Dungaree Shorts

All of this sunny weather seems to have cheered everyone up and people seem to have finally relaxed into the British summer and embraced colourful and fun fashions including some fab coloured dungaree shorts in red, pink, fresh white, green, camouflage and stylish black.  Yes it’s finally time to put aside the skinny jeans and get some sun on your legs!

For those who are lucky enough to be jetting off to somewhere hot and sunny for your hols then a pair of short dungarees (or hot pants as they are also known) are a must-have in your suitcase.  As previously mentioned they come in a variety of yummy colours from Dungarees-Online in sizes 8 to 14.  Buying online is the ideal solution if you hate traipsing round the shops trying to find your perfect pair!  Whether you are a night owl or up with the larks you can shop at any time of the day to suit yourself and have your clothes delivered to your door.

coloured dungaree shorts

white dungaree shorts

If you are off to a Music Festival this summer or autumn (lucky you) and need to pack light but can’t decide what clothes to take with you , a pair of dungaree shorts are the perfect piece to pack – they’re virtually uncrushable, totally on-trend, incredibly comfy and renowned for being hardwearing and they go great with wellies!!

On the off chance that you aren’t now yearning for a pair of short dungarees, then we may be able to tempt you with a fashionable and über-comfortable dungaree dress or even a pair of cute three-quarter length dungarees (available in size 2 to 10).

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2 Responses to It’s Dungaree Shorts Season!

  1. Bill Farmboy says:

    Will you be carrying any dungaree shorts for men again?

  2. Dungarees Online says:


    We are hoping to have a 3/4 length dungaree style for men early in 2015. Keep checking on the website. Thanks for your query.

    Regards from Dungarees Online

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