Finding Your Maternity Style – Why Dungarees & Jumpsuits are a Good Investment

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Green maternity dungarees with hands in pockets.

When you are pregnant and your clothes start to become uncomfortable or tight you realise that you’re going to have to adapt your wardrobe for the next few months! You can continue to wear stretchy jumpers, loose fitting dresses, oversized shirts and t-shirts and some jackets and coats depending on the fit. However, your favourite jeans will probably remain in your wardrobe and you will need to find a suitable alternative! You don’t need to spend a lot of money and buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes, but a few maternity basics are a worthwhile investment if you want to continue feeling comfortable as well as stylish!

Maternity denim dungarees with adjustable waist paired with Breton sweater.

Most people recommend maternity jeans and some loose joggers or leggings to wear with a comfortably baggy sweater or long-sleeved t-shirt or blouse. Maternity Dungarees have also been a long-time favourite for mums-to-be as they are able to accommodate your growing bump and are comfortable and practical. Denim Bib Overalls of all types happen to be on-trend at the moment and recently many celebrities including Liv Tyler, Rachel Bilson and Jessica Biel have worn dungarees during their pregnancy.

So why are Dungarees & Jumpsuits a good investment?

Dungarees - At Dungarees-online we have a popular range of denim maternity dungarees including the new ’Ivy’ dungarees from Wash Clothing Company which are made of soft, slightly stretchy denim (darkwash or black) with an adjustable waist and straps for a perfect fit. There are two sets of buttons at the waist so they can expand to accommodate your baby-bump comfortably throughout your whole pregnancy. We see them as a slow fashion item which will last and you should easily get to wear them 30 times! Also, denim is a durable fabric which often looks better with wear so if you plan to increase the size of your family in the future you can wear them again!

Blose-up of Wash Clothing Company maternity dungarees with extra set of buttons on waist.

Jumpsuits - If the weather is hot and you don’t fancy denim give some consideration to lightweight loose fit jersey or linen dungarees and jumpsuits. Our range of jumpsuits are not purpose made maternity-wear but are loose and stretchy enough to accommodate your growing baby bump in style and comfort! They are available in basic black, navy and charcoal and a selection of more summery colours like pink, coral, pale green and gold. They are very versatile and can be styled for day to evening wear. They have the added bonus that you can wear them after your pregnancy as well, so they are really good value for money!

Women’s sky-blue maternity cotton dungarees paired with black t-shirt. Model with left hand in pocket.

Maternity Dungaree Dresses

Another stylish alternative for your maternity capsule wardrobe if you prefer skirts to trousers is the dungaree dress. Check out the 'Karen' maxi denim dungaree dress on the Dungarees-online website. It has a fully adjustable waist and straps for optimum comfort and fit.

Long denim maternity bib-skirt with hands in front pockets.

We hope we’ve given you some good ideas for maternity wear which will ensure you feel and look good but won’t break the bank!

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