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About Us

Our Roots

Based in Manchester, our brand embodies the city’s culture of inclusivity and togetherness providing quality garments for everyone. Our practical and durable approach to apparel reflects the urban and industrial roots of Manchester.

We start with dungarees (hence the name!)

Back in 2005 we noticed a gap in the UK market for quality denim dungarees for men, women and children of all ages. First associated with American men’s work clothing, dungarees have gone in and out of fashion for the last 100 years. People love them for many and various reasons including the look, the comfort, as hard-wearing utility work clothing, rough and tumble kids clothing and as comfortable maternity wear. We created a store that sold a variety of different products, that could be worn by everyone. Skip forward a few years and we’re still as happy and inclusive as ever!

… followed by Denim Skirts

People also started asking us for denim skirts, especially long denim skirts, so we sourced a range of maxi denim skirts and they became one of our best sellers. Midi and mini denim skirts followed and are perennially popular as an all-year-round wardrobe staple. They are also available in many styles, denim washes and sizes.

Garment Ethics

We understand the effect that the fashion industry often has on our planet, and so we’re trying to improve our social and environmental impact as much as we can. Some of our products are made from 100% organic cotton and we’re working towards reducing the use of plastic in our products. Our mailing bags are now either compostable or bio-degradable.

Some of our newer products come with a Free Repair Kit that provides the appropriate materials to take care of any small repair and help create products that are durable and built to last.

We’re not perfect but we’re certainly trying!

Our Manifesto

At Dungarees-online we believe in style not fast fashion.   

We stand for simplicity not frills; we are not driven by fads or trends. 

When you choose to buy from Dungarees-online you are investing in key pieces to enhance your wardrobe - clothing you can rely on to look and feel good while you live your best life. 

Clothing that doesn’t cost the earth – dependable apparel for life and living.