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How to Care for Your Denim Clothing & Make It Last Longer

Posted by Paul Clapham on
Caring for denim embroidered message on denim garment.

At Dungarees Online, we’re big fans of denim, especially dungarees and denim skirts! We love beautifully made denim fashion but we want to care for our pieces so that they last for years to come - like all good denim should! Our denim apparel is a slow fashion investment and hopefully will be a long-lasting key piece in your wardrobe.

So to make your denim items last as long as possible there are a few simple things you can do with your denim at home so that it can continue to look its best. From jeans to dungarees or denim skirts, these tips apply to all your favourite denim pieces.

1. Stop Washing Denim So Much!

Lots of publications have reported that you shouldn’t be washing your denim clothing any more than every five wears. Maybe even less! How does this compare with your laundry habits? If you’re washing denim too much, you’re compromising the quality of the fabric and allowing the colour to fade much faster. Cutting back on chucking them in the wash works a treat as well as saving water and energy. Good news all around, right?

Five pairs of jeans drying on a line outdoors.

2. And When You Do… Wash with Care

When you do wash your jeans or other denim pieces, use a small amount of gentle detergent and cool water and make sure you turn them inside out. After you’ve washed them, skip the dryer and air dry in the shade hung from the waistband for optimal drying. Also, make sure you pull them out of the machine asap after the cycle instead of leaving them to set with creases.

3. Get Your Storage Right

Storage is important to make sure your jeans or dungarees look their very best every time you put them on. Who knew? Folding and piling your denim clothing encourages creases that can stay forever. Equally, hanging them doubled over a trouser hanger gives them a strong crease down the middle that can compromise the quality of the denim.

Instead, use clip hangers and hang your jeans long ways in your wardrobe to avoid any excess creasing. If you don’t have the wardrobe or hanging space to do this with all your jeans, try rolling instead of folding when storing them in drawers or within shelving.

4. Put A Stop to Unwanted Distress

Some jeans are born to be distressed. However, if your denim isn’t supposed to be ripped and frayed, keep an eye on wear and tear. As soon as you start to see any accidental fraying, head to a tailor or seamstress and have them repaired before they become too much of a problem. By making sure you keep on top of any unwanted distress, you’ll never have to chuck away that pair of denim overalls that just got too ripped. And just like that you’re treating your favourite denim pieces with a little more care and making them last much longer. Denim items can be some of the most worn pieces in your wardrobe so make sure you give them the respect they deserve after all that hard work.

5. Denim Dungarees - Slow Fashion

Close-up of dark denim dungarees with white stitching and Wash Clothing Company logo.

Check out our range of denim dungarees for women, men and children – they are an investment, made to be hard wearing and long-lasting and will hopefully become one of your favourite wardrobe staples. Treat them right and you can cherish them for many years to come!

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