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Denim Aprons - Cool as well as Functional!

Posted by Paul Clapham on
Man wearing dark green apron at work.

Denim Aprons not only protect your clothing but are also cooler than regular aprons! We have an amazing collection of denim aprons, and our customers are loving them! From baristas to Home Bakers, Crafters and even Make-up Artists, there are so many uses for our selection of urban-inspired unisex denim aprons.

When Will You Use a Denim Apron?

Denim aprons look good for any occasion. From a Coffee Shop to a Tattoo Parlour or in a domestic situation our range of quality and beautifully made denim aprons fit seamlessly into any forward-thinking business or would be a perfect gift for a would-be Bake-Off champion!

  • Baristas - For a professional look with an on-trend twist, why not style all your baristas in coordinating denim aprons, keeping your business ahead of the style curve.
  • Hairdressers & Make-up Artists - Whether you’re in a salon or freelance and on-the-go, one of our denim aprons is the perfect finishing touch to a stylist or MUA who means business.
  • Baking or Cooking at Home - Baking cakes or cooking meals, protecting your clothing at home while cooking has never been so stylish.
  • Crafting or Painting - Perfect for keeping your clothes clean and protected when enjoying hobbies.
  • BBQ - Become the king of the BBQ with a rugged denim apron that not only protects your clothing from the splashes and spatter of a good BBQ but makes you feel like a chef at the same time!
  • Tradesmen - We have a choice of quality Carhartt Unisex Work Tool Belts with large pockets to keep tools easily at hand.
  • The Perfect Gift - If you know anyone that loves to do anything from baking to crafting at home, a quality denim apron is a perfect gift for any occasion.

What Types of Denim Apron Are There?

We’ve got a serious collection of amazing unisex denim aprons; a style for every occasion. Let’s take a look!

Woman wearing ‘Uskees’ denim apron with leather straps at work, using utility pocket for cosmetic brushes.
  • Chorlton Denim Bib Apron - In a range of colours and styles, the Uskees Chorlton denim apron is one of our best sellers. Denim washes include beige, grey, army green, lavender and soft blue. With a useful side pocket and adjustable ties for the perfect, comfortable fit.
  • Timperley Denim Apron - Perfect for any sort of catering staff from baristas to waiters, the Timperley denim apron is a waist apron with side pockets and a choice of green or cream adjustable ties.
  • Ardwick Denim Apron - Our Ardwick denim apron features a large front pocket, making it the perfect choice for those who need to have something a little larger easily at hand (like a Tablet) while on the job.
  • Japanese-style Cross Back Denim Aprons - Designed with both functionality and style in mind, our range of Japanese-style no-tie aprons perfectly balance what looks good with what helps out on the job. The cross-back style does not put pressure on the neck or shoulders so is very comfortable to wear. Ideal for many professions from hairdressers and beauty experts to bakers and artists.
    Japanese style crossback no-tie denim apron.

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