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Dungarees & Overalls for Men

Posted by David Wall on
Man wearing navy blue dungarees.

1. Types of Men’s Dungarees - You Mean there’s More Than One Type?

Men’s dungarees (or bib-overalls or Latzhose or Salopette or Tuinbroek depending on what part of the world you live in) were originally hard-wearing denim work clothes worn by agricultural workers, tradesmen and labourers. They are still widely used as work clothes today but they are also a popular leisurewear item for men. They are available in other materials apart from traditional denim, one of our favourites being corduroy, and in many styles and fits but they all have the characteristic ‘bib’ which is held by adjustable straps over the shoulders.

Key Industries Stonewash denim men's overalls.
  • Work dungarees for men

    Dungarees were originally a work garment which was designed to be comfortable and hardwearing. Most work dungarees often have extra pockets for storing tools and knee pad pockets so you can insert special knee pads to protect your knees if you do a lot of kneeling while you work. Some are made to be worn over clothing and have wider legs to accommodate large work boots. With their strong, hardwearing denim fabric, dungarees are the ideal workwear for painters, carpenters, plumbers, labourers, mechanics and workers in many other professions.

    At Dungarees-Online we stock a wide range of work dungarees from leading brands like Key Industries and Berne.

  • Leisure Wear Dungarees

    There are many different styles of leisurewear dungarees including Regular Fit, Loose Fit and Skinny Fit and Super-skinny Fit. Not forgetting Dungaree Shorts!

  • Regular-Fit Dungarees

    If you have a slim to average build then Regular-fit men’s dungarees with a standard, straight leg would probably be your first choice. At Dungarees-Online we’ve got a fantastic selection of regular fit dungarees for men in a wide range of denim washes, including black denim, brown denim & stonewash denim.

  • Loose-fit Dungarees

    Loose-fit (also known as Relaxed Fit or Baggy Fit) dungarees are for men who require a roomier or more comfortable fit and were the choice of Dexy’s Midnight Runners in the 80’s and clubbers in the 90’s. If you’re all about oversized then loose fit men’s dungarees are the ideal option for anyone looking for affordable and fashionable streetwear or simply for a comfortable and stylish pair of bib-overalls to wear at home or work. At Dungarees-online we stock loose fit dungarees in many different sizes and our denim wash selection includes indigo, black, dark wash & stonewash.

  • Men’s Skinny or Super Skinny Fit Dungarees

    Narrow leg jeans for men have been popular for many years and skinny fit dungarees have all the same styling as jeans but with an added bib. There are also extremely close fit dungarees which usually have some stretch to allow ease of movement which are a welcome alternative to oversized or baggy overalls.

  • Dungaree Shorts or Short Dungarees

    If you’re not a huge fan of the full-length dungaree you may prefer dungaree shorts. They’re like dungarees but stop at the knee or some are even shorter than that. They range from loose fit right through to super skinny so how they fit depends on personal preference.

    They are popular music festival wear as the loose fit and plethora of pockets makes them both comfortable and practical. Available on the Dungarees-online website in classic denim or lighter, more summery cotton.

2. How Do You Wear Men’s Dungarees?

So, do you want to add a touch of utility to your denim collection with a pair of dungarees but not sure how to style them? As dungarees on their own are already quite a statement we advise keeping it simple if you’re unsure about what to pair them with.

  • Adjusting the Straps...

    You can style the straps on your dungarees in different ways:

    • Both straps fastened
    • Only one strap fastened for a more casual vibe
    • Straps undone and bib down
  • Tops - Keep it Classic

    All dungarees look good paired with a plain white or black Tee. However, if you love a striped or graphic Tee, a hoodie or a casual shirt, don’t be afraid to experiment.

  • Wear Long or Rolled-Up?

    This is personal preference and also depends on the weather, time of year, footwear etc.

  • Best Footwear to Pair with Dungarees?

    • Hi-top trainers – another classic pairing with stonewash denim dungarees
    • Chunky trainers - for a more sporty casual look
    • Boots – perfect for the latest utility trend, adding a masculine appeal to the overalls look

We liked this YouTube video which has some styling tips for men’s overalls and also information about the history of dungarees!

3. Who wears dungarees in the 2020's?

It would seem that just about anyone, young or old, including many male celebs love to wear dungarees and overalls as streetwear including American hip-hop artists ASAP Rocky and Chance the Rapper, Dax Shepard, Andre 3000, Dev Hynes and Chris Pine to name but a few! Read more about celebrity men wearing overalls in this Popsugar article from 2018.

Apart from street and leisure wear, dungarees and overalls are also the go-to work garment for many skilled workers, tradesmen, artists and people doing DIY who need hard-wearing functional clothing. Well known American companies such as Carhartt and Dickies have been producing rugged, tough, comfortable and effective Bib-Overalls (also known as Bib-and-brace) for over a hundred years. They are known for producing quality garments that are fit for purpose.

4. What Types of Dungarees are Currently Available?

Range of Men's dungarees in a variety of colours and materials.

Dungarees are practical and also fun to wear, so why not add this versatile garment to your seasonal wardrobe? At our online dungarees store, you can find a great selection of adaptable and reliable work and leisure wear dungarees for men from brands such as Uskees, Wash Clothing Company, Key Industries, Berne and Portwest making it easy to find clothes for work or play that suit your style.

Take a look at the website to see the full range available from Dungarees-Online.

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